Apple is making a major change to the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on screen feature

iOS 16.2 beta 3 allows iPhone 14 Pro users to disable background and notifications on the always-on display. The change appears to have been made after an investigation into complaints about the feature draining the phone’s battery. Although the always-on display dims the wallpaper by default, Apple has made some changes to fix this problem.

According to the report Digital TrendsThe changes applied in the beta version of iOS 16.2 are presented in the display and brightness menu of the application in the settings section in the form of three new switching options. The Always On setting is enabled by default, and when you leave the iPhone 14 Pro alone, the wallpaper will dim. In iOS 16.2, there are two other options, including Show Wallpaper and Show Nonitification, and it is possible to turn off both or one of them at the user’s discretion. With these options disabled, the lock screen will only show a pure black wallpaper with time and widgets when you lock the phone or leave it for a while.

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Many Android phones in the market allow users to disable the always-on display, allowing them to view other items besides the clock, such as weather forecast widgets, calendar reminders, etc., without having to unlock the device. . It is possible that Apple’s latest always-on display update in iOS 16.2 beta will help solve the iPhone 14 Pro battery problem.

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