Apple is likely to unveil the low-end model of the Apple Watch at the Far Out event

There is not much time left until the start of Apple’s September event, and now a new report has been published, according to which Apple plans to add a new and cheaper model to the Apple Watch series. Although there have been various reports about the addition of a new high-end model to the Apple Watch series, this is the first time that a rumor about the possibility of introducing an affordable model has been made available. The price of this model is not yet known, but it is expected to be launched at a lower price than the Apple Watch SE.

to report XDA, articles have recently been published about why the Apple Watch is becoming more important to parents and children. A source close to Apple revealed that the company is likely to introduce a more affordable model of its smartwatch at a lower price than the SE model of this product.

The interesting point is that the Apple Watch Series 3, which was introduced in 2017, is still in production at a price of $199. If the information in this report is true, the new economic model of the Apple Smart Watch can be a replacement for the Series 3 because this product is currently the cheapest option in the Apple Watch family and is sold at a lower price than the SE model. In addition, considering that the Apple Watch Series 3 will no longer receive new software updates, it seems logical to introduce a new model and replace it.

With the introduction of watchOS 9, Apple announced that the release of the new update will no longer support its 3 series of smart watches.

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By introducing a new affordable model of the Apple Watch, Apple can offer users a more attractive experience of working with this product by offering an updated system-on-chip (SoC) and maybe even the possibility of connecting to mobile networks.

If the company can add the new low-end version of the Apple Watch to the basic models of this product, it will be possible to provide parental settings on it; A feature that is currently not available in Series 3 of this device.

The Cupertino-based tech giant could be launching its biggest smartwatch line to date with the introduction of a new affordable Apple Watch model. Of course, this company has currently refused to provide any explanation about its plans to introduce new Apple Watch models. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait too long and on Wednesday (16 September 1401) all doubts will be resolved in the exclusive event of this brand. We expect to see the introduction of the iPhone 14 series, Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Pro, and probably the new generation of AirPods Pro headphones.

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