Apple is likely to introduce the iPhone+ subscription service at Wednesday’s event

On Wednesday of this week, Apple will unveil the new generation of iPhone and Apple Watch in a highly anticipated event. Probably, in the Far Out event, in addition to the unveiling of new products, we will also see the introduction of a new service for buying Apple phones.

Mark GarmanIn his predictions from the Apple event, Bloomberg’s veteran whistleblower says that Apple plans to introduce a hardware subscription service. He mentioned this subscription service earlier in the spring. According to MacworldApple customers can probably get a new iPhone along with software services such as Apple TV Plus by paying a certain monthly fee. Apple’s subscription plan will likely include more iCloud storage.

Garmin says the new subscription service will be tied to the Apple One. Apple One is a set that includes all Apple software services. At the moment, it is not clear at what price Apple’s hardware subscription service will be introduced.

Currently, Apple makes the iPhone upgrade program available to users. In the form of this program, those interested can get a new iPhone by paying $35.33 per month. According to Mark Garman’s prediction, Apple’s hardware subscription service will allow users to buy the standard iPhone, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max by paying $34, $45, and $55 per month, respectively.

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Right now, the most expensive subscription version of Apple One, Apple One Premier, costs $29.95 per month. If Apple’s new service includes iPhone and all software services, it is not unlikely that its monthly price will reach 50 dollars. Apple’s new service will probably be introduced under the name of iPhone Plus. Even if we don’t see iPhone Plus at the Far Out event, the said service will probably be unveiled before the end of this year.

Apple is rumored to be looking to unveil four new iPhones and three new Apple Watches at Wednesday’s event. Zoomit comprehensively covers the Far Out event, which will be held at 21:30 Tehran time.

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