Apple is likely to design a “video service” and a “3D world” similar to Metaverse

Mark GarmanA seasoned whistleblower BloombergReferring to Apple’s job call, he pointed to the latest programs that the company has prepared for its mixed reality headset. Garmin says that Apple plans to make the experience of working with its headset very enjoyable so that many people will pay attention to it.

Apple hasn’t entered a new market in years, and according to rumors, the company will become a direct competitor to Meta (formerly Facebook) next year with the unveiling of a mixed reality headset. Apple’s mixed reality headset ushers in a new era. The headset will likely cost between $2,000 and $3,000 and will be powered by the powerful and optimized M2 processor used in Mac series computers.

Apple’s mixed reality headset is said to have more than 10 cameras inside and outside, and to use the sharpest screen of any mass-produced headset. Some time ago, it was announced that Apple’s headset uses a new operating system called realityOS. The said operating system will host the mixed reality version of applications such as Messages, FaceTime and Maps. Mark Garman says the first version of Apple’s new operating system, codenamed Oak, is in the final stages of development and should be ready by next year.

Apple’s first mixed reality headset will be a flagship product and may go by the name Reality Pro or Reality One will be unveiled. Considering the name of the operating system (realityOS) and tools such as RealityKit that are used for the development of augmented reality content, the use of the word Reality in the name of the Apple headset seems logical.

According to Mark Garman, Apple has made changes in recent months to the “Technology Development Group” (TDG), responsible for the mixed reality headset project. Also, the company is looking for new recruits for the mixed reality project. A number of Apple job listings show that the iPhone maker is ramping up its mixed reality content development process.

Job listings also mention making video services. This service is for mixed reality headsets and will support 3D content with the possibility of running in a virtual reality environment. The creation of the aforementioned video service is the result of the purchase of NextVR startup in 2020.

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Apple’s most interesting job call is looking for people who can develop the 3D world of mixed reality. This suggests that Apple is probably working on a virtual environment similar to Metaverse. Don’t expect Apple to use the term Metaverse when introducing this virtual world. Apple’s chief marketing officer said in an interview some time ago: “Metaverse is a world that I will never use.”

While we are not far from the official unveiling of the mixed reality headset, Mark Garman says that Apple has made an important change in the team that created this headset. A former senior leader of the automotive manufacturing team has been added to the mixed reality headset team, along with a senior director of Apple software engineering.

Mixed reality headset production group Mike RockwellVice President of Apple’s Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Unit Dan Riccio, the former manager of the hardware department, manages. Riccio reports his work directly available Tim CookCEO of Apple, puts.

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