Apple is likely to bring high-speed bandwidth technology to Macs

Apple released the final version of the Macau Mantry 12 in November 1400, and has been working on beta development ever since with beta versions. The beta version of the Mac OS X 12.3 offers many features such as support for universal control and more security for managing passwords in Safari. In addition to the aforementioned features, the latest beta version of the Macau Mantry is equipped with the frameworks and background services required to support Broadband technology.

Ultra-bandwidth (UWB) or low-band radio technology is a low-cost short-range wireless technology used in data transmission, precision distance measurement, precise location, and radar imaging, allowing two or more devices equipped with this technology in one room. Identify each other’s exact location.

This technology was previously used in the IOS operating system with the U1 chip. Apple first introduced high-bandwidth technology in 2019 with the iPhone 11, and then applied it to the Apple Watch, the Hopped Mini, and the AirTags.

In Apple’s ecosystem, high-bandwidth technology speeds up file transfers at AirDrop and AirPlay, enables CarKey authentication without having to take the iPhone out of your pocket, and allows devices to be more accurately located on the Find My network.

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The use of ultra-wideband technology in the Mecca operating system will bring all the aforementioned benefits to this product; But since the latest iPad models are not yet equipped with high-speed bandwidth technology, it is not yet clear exactly when and in what versions this technology will enter the Mac OS. At this spring’s 1401 event, Apple is expected to provide more information on when and how broadband technology will be deployed in its operating systems.

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