Apple is increasing the cost of iPhone, iPad and MacBook battery replacement

to report McRumorsApple plans to increase the cost of battery replacement for all old iPhones that are out of warranty. This change does not include the iPhone 14. Apparently, the Cupertino company wants to increase the price of iPad and Mac battery replacements as well.

According to Apple’s official announcement, from March 1, 2023 (March 10, 1401), the cost of replacing iPhone batteries out of warranty will increase by $20. Currently, Apple charges $69 for battery replacement on most iPhone models.

In this article, four simple and practical tricks are said to increase the battery life of your iPhone.

4 simple and practical tricks to increase iPhone battery life

The increased cost of battery replacement only applies to those who have not purchased AppleCare or AppleCare+ for their device. AppleCare+ subscribers can replace the battery for free after its health drops below 80%.

According to Apple, the cost of replacing MacBook Air and MacBook Pro batteries out of warranty will increase by $30 and $50, respectively. Replacing the iPad battery also costs 20 dollars more on the hands of Apple customers.

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