Apple is building new health-focused tools, including an AI trainer

Apple always tries to offer different products to its users, one of which is health services. Now, according to a new report, the company has decided to introduce new health-oriented tools, one of which is a trainer equipped with It will be artificial intelligence. This app is codenamed Quartz and you have to pay a monthly subscription to use it. Among the features of Quartz, we can mention tracking and guidance on sleep style, exercise and food habits.

Apple Quartz AI Trainer uses Apple Watch data to provide unique suggestions and training programs tailored to each user. to report MSPoweruser, the Siri development team, the artificial intelligence team and the employees of several other Apple units are now working on the artificial intelligence trainer. Quartz is expected to be available next year, but there is a possibility that its introduction may be delayed.

iPad users will have access to the dedicated Health program by receiving iPadOS 17, which will be released later this year. This application allows you to view your health information on the big screen of Apple tablets.

The Cupertino-based tech giant is said to unveil its new health app at WWDC in June. In addition, we expect to see the introduction of Apple’s mixed reality headset during the mentioned event; A product that will be included with Fitness Plus programs.

Bloomberg has announced that Apple’s health program will include tools to track emotions. This feature provides information and guidance to users, records their mental states and provides answers to some questions in this field. The sentiment tracker allows users to compare their personal data over time, and Apple hopes to use new algorithms and different data, such as speech, to assess users’ moods in the future. The tool can also offer features to help nearsighted people.

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