Apple has reportedly hired Meta (Facebook) Augmented Reality Communications Manager

Looking at Apple’s recent activities, it is no secret that the company is building at least one HMD (head-mounted) device based on augmented reality (MR) technology. While speculation is rife about launching the product in 2022, it seems that Apple is preparing to upgrade the hardware and advance the project by recruiting new staff.

Mark German In his latest weekly newsletter, Bloomberg notes that Apple is building departments and teams that will manage the supply and marketing of the company’s next hardware product. Apparently, hiring Andrea Schubert, The director of communications and public relations for augmented reality in Meta (formerly Facebook), is part of this process.

Of course, there is no specific source for German’s talk, and neither side has officially confirmed the recruitment. Schubert’s LinkedIn page now states that he is still the director of communications and augmented reality meta and works full time at the company. Given the competitive market and Apple’s interest in keeping its operations secret, it makes sense for such hiring changes to be hidden from the public eye before the headset launches.

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Previously, Schubert was known as Oculus Communications Manager, a manufacturer of virtual reality headsets sold to Facebook. In addition, he served for five years as OutCast Agency Manager and for a time as Senior Account Manager at Shift Communications Agency.

In general, it is believed that Apple’s first generation of augmented reality headsets will be standalone products that use cameras to provide augmented reality experience. The headset is thought to have an Apple Watch-like glass case and grilles like the AirPad Max. In addition, the device is likely to be equipped with a system consisting of a LiDAR sensor to track user groups to detect commands.

Mingchi Ko, A product analyst familiar with Apple products, had previously reported that the price of this product will be $ 1,000 and the same price as the flagship iPhone; Other reports suggest that the device may be priced at $ 3,000. In January, a report was released claiming that Apple intended to price its headset more expensive than competing devices. Also, sources familiar with the supply chain estimate that the device will cost around $ 2,000.

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