Apple has probably started working on AI similar to ChatGPT

to report New York TimesApple is busy testing systems based on Artificial intelligence is a product that will probably one day make its way to Siri’s voice assistant. Informed sources say that these projects are going forward while Apple knows that Siri’s structure has fundamental problems.

At its annual artificial intelligence conference held last month, Apple apparently presented company employees with details of its large language model and other AI projects. Apple engineers, including members of the Siri team, are “every week” trying new concepts based on language models. This approach in Apple is the result of the increasing popularity of services such as Chat is GPT.

New AI services like ChatGPT have made it clear that voice assistants like Siri and Alexa don’t have much to say in the field of AI.

A former Apple engineer told the New York Times that Siri was written based on old code that took weeks to update to add simple features. The former Apple engineer says Siri’s “heavy-handed design” has made it very difficult to add new features. Siri’s database contains a huge list of expressions in more than 10 different languages, which makes it like a “big snowball”.

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