Apple has expanded the iPhone’s satellite connectivity to four more countries

iPhone 14 users can now communicate with emergency service centers via satellite if there is no mobile phone or Wi-Fi network coverage available.

Apple’s satellite connection feature is available to all iPhone 14 users running iOS 16.1 in supported countries and is free to use for two years. written by McRumorsthis application is designed to allow iPhone users to communicate with emergency service centers using an outdoor satellite connection when cellular or Wi-Fi connections are not available.

Gary Machado, The CEO of the European Emergency Numbers Association said:

The ability to call emergency via satellite makes it possible to communicate with emergency service centers and this functional feature is very exciting.

Apple’s satellite communication capability actually makes more people able to call emergency call centers like 112. We are confident that this feature will save many lives and greatly assist emergency services.

John AnthonyDirector of the British Public Safety Communications Association says:

The ability to use a satellite connection to call 999 or 112 when there is no cell phone or Wi-Fi coverage is an improvement that Apple has brought to the public with the iPhone 14.

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The ability of satellite communication helps people to contact emergency service centers and send details such as location in situations where it was not possible to call for help before, and thus the mentioned feature can help save human lives.

Apple has already enabled satellite calling in the United States and Canada. The company said at the time that the feature would be available to users in France, Germany, Ireland and the UK in December this year. According to the Cupertino-based tech giant, support for this feature will continue to expand to other countries in the coming year.

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