Apple has announced the winners of the App Store Award and the most downloaded iOS apps this year

Apple today released its annual list of the best apps and games for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and AppWatch. Toca Boca, the creator of the children’s app, won the best iPhone app of the year with Toca Life World. Also, Riot Games “League of Legends: Wild Rift” was selected as the best iPhone game in 2021.

LumaFusion app from LumaTouch’s top iPad app, MARVEL Future Revolutio’s game from Netmarble’s top ipad app, Craft from Luki Labs Limited’s top Mac app, Myst from Cyan top Mac app, DAZN from DAZN Group Apple’s top app’s Space Mars Pixelbite Studios selected Apple TV as the best game, Grailr’s Carrot Weather as AppleWatch’s best app, and Mistwalker’s Fantasian as Apple Arcide’s Top App.

This year’s winners include new developers who have used Apple technologies in interesting ways or people who have been in the spotlight throughout the year, according to TechCranch. Last year’s awards winners, for example, showed how the epidemic occurred in the world of programming; When the Wakeout home exercise program won the iPhone’s Best App of the Year and Zoom the iPad’s Best Win of the Year.

The best iPhone 2021 app, Toca Life World, has been chosen for another reason. The app’s creator, Tokabauka, celebrated its tenth anniversary this March. Since the release of Tokabuka’s first app, the company has released more than 40 other apps for children. Of course, the company tends to name its apps as digital toys. Toca life World is the culmination of this trend; Because previous programs have turned Toca life into a communication experience.

Also, this choice is a subtle reminder of the year in which we witnessed many reactions and changes in Appestor; A year in which developers are building long-term businesses in Appostor, and Apple has helped play a role in supporting this success. Apple’s support measures include awarding prizes such as selecting and introducing top apps and games.

Here is Tokabuka’s tweet:

Today is the tenth year that we make digital toys for children and we could not do it without you. 10 years ago we released our first program called Toca Tea Party. Since then we have released more than 40 other apps that offer more entertainment in the App Store.

Apple also praised other winners this year, noting how the DAZN broadcaster has been able to bring local sports culture to the forefront of global attention. Meanwhile, Apple is quietly building a SportsKit framework for Apple TV and iOS apps that DAZN may one day be able to use.

The company also introduced the best Carrot Weather meteorological service, which competes with Apple’s default meteorological app and uses Dark Sky data. Apple also mentions LumaFusion’s ability to make videos faster and easier. In addition, it is hard to ignore the fact that apps like LumaFusion compete with Apple products, including iMovie. However, many of the options on this year’s AppStore top list are a reminder of how much the fate of third-party applications has to do with Apple’s in-house software enhancements.

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Last year was a transitional year for Appostor, which faced increased monitoring and enforcement of new rules in global markets and various complaints about the Apostor Commission-based business model (including the company’s dispute with Epicogames). As a result, Apple has adjusted and clarified its policies, and in some cases even reduced its commissions to market demands and clearing agreements.

Despite the changes, the success and quality of many of the programs, including the winners of this year’s awards, is still significant. Announcing its end-of-year winners, Apple called communication the top trend of the year, and celebrated a number of programs and games that have had a lasting impact on people’s lives. The list includes InnerSloth’s In US competitive and competitive game, the Bumblebee Dating and Networking Program, Canva, the local black-based dining guide, EatOkra, and the Peanut Women’s social network, which has launched voice chat rooms this year.

Tim CookApple CEO said in a statement:

The developers, who won the Appestor Awards in 2021, used their motivation and vision to deliver the best apps and games of the year, sparking the creativity and enthusiasm of millions of users around the world. From self-taught independent coders to the inspiring leaders of global business creation, these leading developers have innovated with Apple technologies, many of which have helped foster a deep sense of togetherness.

This year’s winners will also receive the Appestor Physical Awards, which are inspired by the Appestor blue signature symbol and are housed in the fully recycled aluminum used to make Apple products. In addition, the winner’s name is on the other side of the plate.

As always, Apple has released a list of the most downloaded apps of the year. In the United States, download programs are:

Top free iPhone apps

  1. TikTok
  2. YouTube (Youtune)
  3. Instagram
  4. SnapChat
  5. Facebook
  6. Facebook Messenger
  7. Google Maps
  8. Gmail; Google Email Service
  9. Zoom Cloud Meeting video conference

Top iPhone’s paid apps

  1. ProCreate
  2. HotSchedules
  3. The Wonder Weeks
  4. TouchRetouch
  5. Facetune
  6. Shadowrocket
  7. 75 Hard
  8. Dark Sky Weather
  9. Autosleep Track Sleep on Watch
  10. SkyView

Top free iphone games

  1. Among Us!
  2. Roblox
  3. Project Makeover
  4. Call of Duty®: Mobile
  5. Subway Surfers
  6. High Heels!
  7. Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game
  8. Water Sort Puzzle
  9. Shortcut Run
  10. Bridge Race

Top iPhone Money Games

  1. Minecraft
  2. Heads Up!
  3. Bloons TD 6
  4. Monopoly
  5. Geometry Dash
  6. My Child Lebensborn
  7. Plague Inc.
  8. True Skate
  9. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  10. Incredibox

Top free iPad apps

  1. Youtube
  2. Zoom Cloud Meetings Video Conferencing
  3. Disney Plus (D‌isney +)
  4. Netflix
  5. TikTok
  6. Google Chrome
  7. HBO Max: TV and Movie Streaming (HBO Max)
  8. Hulu: Watch TV series and movies (Hulu)
  9. Amazon Prime Video
  10. Gmail: Google’s email service (Gmail)

Top iPad Money Apps

  1. Procreate
  2. GoodNotes 5
  3. Notability
  4. Duet Display
  5. Toca Kitchen 2
  6. Toca Life: Hospital
  7. LumaFusion
  8. Shadowrocket
  9. Affinity Designer
  10. Toca Life: Vacation

Top free iPad games

  1. Among Us!
  2. Roblox
  3. Project Makeover
  4. Phone Case DIY
  5. Subway Surfers
  6. Hair Challenge
  7. Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game
  8. Tiles Hop – EDM Rush
  9. Blob Runner 3D
  10. Bridge Race

Top iPad Money Games

  1. Minecraft
  2. Bloons TD 6
  3. Geometry Dash
  4. Monopoly
  5. Five Nights at Freddy’s
  6. Stardew Valley
  7. Plague Inc.
  8. Human: Fall Flat
  9. Ultimate Custom Night
  10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Top Apple Arcade Service Games

  1. The Oregon Trail
  2. NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition
  3. Sneaky Sasquatch
  4. Sonic Racing
  5. SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit
  6. Skate City
  7. PAC-MAN Party Royale
  8. Cut the Rope Remastered
  9. Hot Lava
  10. Angry Birds Reloaded

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