Apple has a solution to protect the screen of folding phones and tablets against impact

Apple’s patent mentions that even folding the screen to an angle of less than 180 degrees can be useful because in this situation the edges will hit the ground instead of the screen. A rotatable screen can automatically retract the display if the device is falling at a speed exceeding a set speed.

Ming Chi KuA well-known analyst who knows about most of Apple’s new products before the official unveiling has announced that the company will probably have a It will offer a foldable iPad. Of course Ko In 2021, the tech giant from Cupertino said that in 2023, it will introduce a folding iPhone and sell 20 million units of it.

According to the latest rumors, the foldable iPad could be equipped with a carbon fiber base. This feature helps users to position the device at a better angle while watching content.

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