Apple Freeform app introduced; A service similar to Microsoft Whiteboard for collaborating on projects

Apple last night during the WWDC 2022 new application called Introduced Freeform for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Freeform is supposed to make it easier for users of Apple devices to work on different projects. According to XDA Developers, Freeform is essentially a virtual whiteboard that can be shared with other users.

Different users can work on different parts of this whiteboard at the same time. Apple Freeform is very similar to the Microsoft Whiteboard service and offers similar capabilities.

In Freeform, very large whiteboards can be created, and thanks to this feature, you can access a lot of space for ideation or data collection. Freeform supports a variety of content such as plain text, text written with Apple Pencil, images, sticky notes, and more. Freeform is like a white canvas to which you can add almost anything.

While working with others, you can move freely in different parts of the Freeform page. You can also tap other users’ images to see which part of the project they are working on. Thanks to Freeform, you can instantly view the activities of other users in the project.

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Freeform syncs with FaceTime calls so you can see other users’ pictures or hear their voice while working on the project. This is one of the interesting advantages of Apple service over Microsoft Whiteboard. Whiteboard is compatible with Microsoft Thames, but you must have a Thames Enterprise Edition to access all features. The regular Thames version does not support all features.

Freeform is just one of the new services that Apple introduced during WWDC 2022. The company announced last night that it will also update its Mail, Messages and Safari services. One of Safari’s new features lets you view tabs opened by other users in real time.

Apple has introduced Freeform with a focus on the tablet user interface in the iPadOS 16, but will also release the service for iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. Apple says the app will be available before the end of this year. Freeform may not be released at the same time as iPadOS 16.

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