Apple fixes Magsif port and other bugs in macOS 12.1 update

It has recently been reported that some 16-inch MacBook Pro models do not charge properly when turned off when the Magsif connector is connected. Instead of turning green, the Magsif indicator light flashes amber and cannot deliver energy to the Mac battery; The amber blink of a magic light indicates that something is not working normally.

In addition, users in Apple Support Forums have reported problems using external monitors, which are said to be delayed after the MacBook Pro opens and closes. Now it seems that the tech giant has solved these problems in the latest beta version of macOS 12.1 after a short time.

In the meantime, the Reddit community has reported that watching HDR-quality YouTube videos in the Safari browser and then navigating to the comments section will result in an error in the 12.0.1 MacAvaS kernel kernel. Watching YouTube in its entirety and then exiting this mode can cause a similar error and may affect 16GB devices in the first place; Of course, this bug has also been seen in 32 and 64 GB models.

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Fortunately, Apple has fixed this along with other bugs, such as problems not responding to cracked clicks and inefficient menu bar with notch, and so on. Meanwhile, rumors have it that the SD port on the 14-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro is not compatible with some SD cards and has caused problems for users, and it is unclear whether the Cupertinos have fixed this bug in the new version of MacAvoS.

MacOS 12.1 is currently in beta and it is not recommended to download this version; Because beta versions usually contain bugs that can negatively affect the user experience and even damage the user’s device. If all goes according to plan, a new version of Apple’s desktop operating system should be released for all compatible devices in the coming weeks.

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