Apple expects to sell over 300 million iPhones by 2022

Recent reports indicate that Apple has reduced production of some iPhone models; But it seems that the sales of the iPhone 13 family are still in unprecedented condition. Apple is expected to increase production of iPhone 13 models by early 2022 and launch 300 million iPhones by the end of that year.

Of course, the accuracy of this report can not be confirmed or denied. However, this information seems to have been leaked from informed sources to the policies of the tech giant. In general, Apple no longer announces iPhone sales figures; Therefore, it is not clear how many iPhones the company has sold this year; But if we look at the estimates of research companies, Apple could experience a total of 215 million iPhone sales this year.

It should be noted that targeting sales of 300 million iPhones can indicate the sales expectation of the iPhone 14. The iPhone 14 family is likely to see the largest revision of design elements in the last few generations. به‌گفت‌ی Mingochi KooFor the iPhone 14 family, Apple has considered four models of phones in two dimensions of 6.1 and 6.7 inches, which means ending the production of the mini model with dimensions of 5.4 inches.

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Instead of a rough notch called a notch, Apple is said to have used a hole design in the Pro models to hide the selfie camera array, and face-to-face components will be moved under the display. It is also possible that higher-end models will have a titanium body and a steam chamber (VC) heating system.

In addition, the chassis of the flagship iPhone 14 models is thought to be made of hard titanium, which reduces product weight and increases impact and scratch strength. With that said, the iPhone 14 family can attract a lot of customers; Therefore, it is not unreasonable to expect Apple to experience significant sales.

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