Apple employees called the Apple Car project a “Titanic disaster”.

Apple employees called the Apple Car project a “Titanic disaster”.

According to a report from New York TimesApple invested more than 10 billion dollars on the Apple Car project over a decade from its inception to its cancellation. In addition to financial resources, thousands of engineers and specialists worked on the Apple car.

It is said that some Apple employees had predicted from the beginning that the car project would fail, and instead of the code name “Project Titan”, they referred to this car as the “Titanic disaster”.

The members of the car team knew that the project would be almost impossible to complete. Car Prices Apple’s electric car with self-driving capabilities could reach $100,000 and would probably have a low profit margin for the iPhone maker.

Apparently, Apple is negotiating with Elon Musk In the case of buying Tesla, Apple later decided that it made more sense to build its own car than to try to integrate Tesla into Apple.

Apple could never find a suitable leader for Project Titan. This project had four different leaders from the beginning to the time it was stopped. The New York Times says that the ultimate reason for the project’s failure was that Apple was unable to develop the software and algorithms for a car with a self-driving system.

More than 2,000 employees who worked on Apple’s car project will join other teams to work on artificial intelligence and other technologies. Some of them will also be fired.

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