Apple co-founder: ChatGPT sometimes makes “terrible mistakes”

ChatGPT’s genius chatbot has raised many concerns about the future of AI tools, despite its impressive success in attracting the attention of general users. The chatbot will answer any question, but sometimes its answers contain wrong information.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, has advised people to be cautious when using ChatGPT. Wozniak says ChatGPT is “very admirable” and “useful for humans,” but the potential for serious errors in the chatbot is high.

“The thing is, ChatGPT does good things for us, but because it doesn’t know what it means to be human, it can make terrible mistakes,” Wozniak says, describing OpenAI’s intelligent chatbot.

to report Business InsiderIn his new interview, the co-founder of Apple also mentioned the use of artificial intelligence in self-driving cars and said that artificial intelligence can never be a suitable substitute for human drivers in the current situation.

Despite all the criticism, ChatGPT has become a very popular tool. OpenAI recently signed a $10 billion deal with Microsoft to bring its artificial intelligence to services such as the Bing search engine and the Office family of software.

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