Apple CEO: If you’re tired of green iMessage bubbles, buy an iPhone

When text messages are exchanged between two iPhones, the bubble around the text in iMessage turns blue; But when using iPhone and Android phone, the bubble turns green. Apple has been criticized many times for this policy and Google has tried to persuade this company to use a universal protocol.

Tim CookApple’s CEO apparently has no desire to add RCS messaging to the iPhone. During the Code 2022 event, he answered the question that if Steve Jobs What do you think about the system? had RCS, “Right now, I’m not hearing from our users asking us to spend a lot of energy on this,” he announced. Tim Cook says he invites users to buy an iPhone.

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The person who interviewed Tim Cook at the Code 2022 event went on to say that his mother does not see the videos she receives through her Android phone; Because iMessage and RCS are not compatible. If you send a video from an iPhone to an Android phone (or vice versa), the video quality on the destination device will be very low. What is Tim Cook’s solution to this problem? “Buy your mom an iPhone,” he told a Vox reporter.

Green and blue bubbles have been causing controversy among users for a long time. Google’s ad campaigns to pressure Apple haven’t had an impact on Tim Cook so far, and the Cupertino company apparently has no plans to add RCS to the iPhone. Apple knows very well that this will affect iPhone sales.

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