Apple and Google cooperation to prevent unwanted tracking of AirTag users and other smart trackers

Apple has partnered with Google to fix some of the unwanted tracking issues with devices like the AirTag. The collaboration between the two companies allows users to receive alerts when possible unwanted tracking by AirTag or other similar trackers.

At the moment, iOS offers a very useful set of features to prevent unwanted tracking and stalking of AirTag users; But the features of this operating system are not available for the trackers of other companies.

Apple has provided a program called Tracker Detect with the aim of locating AirTags close to Android devices. The app will not scan for peripherals in the background and instead will scan the surroundings when the user requests it.

The goal of Google and Apple in developing new anti-tracking technology is to solve the current problems of products like AirTag. The technology giant from Cupertino recently announced in a press release that the company, in cooperation with Google, has presented its proposed industrial specification to deal with the abuse of smart trackers.

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