Apparently, Sony is making PlayStation 5 Pro

According to the famous whistleblower, Tom HendersonPlayStation 5 Pro is under construction and early kits of this console will be sent to developers soon.

Henderson In March, Sony announced that it was working on the PlayStation 5 Pro. It is said that this product will be an enhanced version of PlayStation 5 and will be launched in late 2024. This whistleblower has also provided reports about the Slim PlayStation 5 model and other Sony gaming products.

Sony has not yet confirmed any of the rumored gaming products, so we are not sure about the information Henderson Are they real or not? In a new article published in Insider Gaming, he claimed that PlayStation 5 Pro is definitely in development.

to report WccfTechPlayStation 5 Pro developer kits will be shipped to game studios in the coming months, and will then be made available to third-party developers. This whistleblower says that Sony’s new console will be launched in the last quarter of 2024.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro was introduced three years after PlayStation 4, i.e. in 2016. PlayStation 5 was also launched in November 2022, and the introduction of its Pro version in late 2024 seems logical.

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