Apparently, in iOS 15, Apple has disabled the call noise reduction feature for the iPhone 13

Call noise cancellation is one of the features of the iPhone 5 later, and as its name implies, it reduces noise and ambient noise when making phone calls so that users can experience better call quality. Naturally, it was expected that the iPhone 13 family would also benefit from this feature. However, reports from the Reddit community suggest that the iOS 13 family of iOS 15 lacks this feature. One user says about this:

How can Apple remove such an important feature from the $ 2021 handset in 2021? I have an old Galaxy S6 Edge whose call quality is not comparable to the iPhone 13. The call quality of my old phone is very clear and without background noise and excellent; While the quality of calls on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is full of scratches and noise.

The user says that by going to the App Store and sharing the problem, one of the engineers mentioned that Apple will provide a solution to this problem in the coming weeks; But apparently another engineer was completely unaware of this issue and did not offer a specific period for solving this problem.

In general, it is not clear when the ability to delete call noise will be available again for the iPhone 13 family phones. However, reviews of beta versions of iOS 15.3 show that this problem persists. Of course, it is not possible to conclude from the first beta versions; Because it is always possible for the final version to have features separate from the beta versions. However, we have to wait and see what Apple will do to solve this problem.

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