Apparently, Apple is planning to compete with Google in the field of search engines

About 200 people from Apple’s search engineer team have left this company for Google. It is said that many of these people have already worked at Google; So, engineers seem to be moving between these two tech giants.

Apparently, in particular, the founders of Laserlike have left Apple for Google; A search startup that Apple bought in 2018. Founded by three former Google search engineers, Laserlike recommends websites to users based on their interests and browsing history. Apple bought the startup in an effort to bolster its search capabilities in Spotlight and Siri.

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According to iMore, Srinivasan Venkatacheri, co-founder of Laserlike, became senior manager of Apple’s search team. Although the members of this startup have worked for Apple for the past four years, it seems that they have now left the company for Google. It is said that Apple will enhance the features of Siri and Spotlight by using Laserlike capabilities. The team that left the company is developing search capabilities that may rival Google.

It was rumored for years that Apple plans to develop a search engine to compete with Google; But so far, the details of this action are not available.. Google still pays Apple about 15 billion dollars annually to remain as the default search engine for the iPhone.

Apple’s latest action in the field of search is that in iOS 16, it has added a Spotlight search button at the bottom of the iPhone’s home screen. Now, instead of swiping down from the top of the screen to enter Spotlight, you can simply tap Search. Although this change seems very small at first glance, it shows Apple’s desire to use the company’s search engine to run different applications.

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