Apparently, Apple is interested in buying Manchester United football team

Apple, like many big tech companies, has been looking to buy startups and other companies for some time, but now it seems that it has decided to buy the Manchester United football club in a strange move.

The Daily Star newspaper has reported that Apple executives expressed their willingness to discuss a possible deal with Jonel and Oram Glazer, the current owners of Manchester United have expressed. The value of the club’s owners’ request was initially set at 8.25 billion pounds (equivalent to 10 billion dollars), but apparently Apple has decided to finalize the deal with a deal worth 5.8 billion pounds.

As MacWorld He points out, the sums announced by the owners of the Manchester Nine football club seem very high in the world of sports. In comparison, the value of the Chelsea club was also announced in May at 4.25 billion pounds. In addition, the current value of the Manchester United team for Glazers It is very noteworthy that they bought this club in 2005 for less than 800 million pounds. Of course, such a figure is not too much for a big company like Apple because the income of this brand in the last quarter from the sale of iPad is equivalent to the value of the said football club.

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Of course, the probability that Apple will buy a famous football team is not very high because this company has no experience in running a sports team, and although this deal has a value equivalent to the quarterly sales of iPads, it is still considered a big financial risk. Therefore, it is not possible to comment with certainty about the possibility of buying Manchester United football club. It is worth noting Elon Musk He had already announced his desire to buy this football team. Such news is sure to have a huge impact on the advertising side of big brands and we will also see a storm of rumors about it.

We must mention that the idea of ​​Apple buying a prominent football team seems very attractive. Ted Lasso’s TV series, which airs on Apple’s TV Plus streaming service, follows the story of a clueless but lovable American coach who takes over the British soccer team. This series has been one of the top successes of Apple’s content streaming service in the past two years.

The Cupertino-based tech giant, on the other hand, will soon acquire the rights to broadcast MLS soccer matches in the United States. Now, if the Manchester Ninth team is purchased, Apple can use it as a lever to expand the coverage of its services in other countries of the world, and in addition, the said club will become a great advertising tool for this brand.

In any case, as interesting as the idea of ​​buying a football club for Apple seems, it is unlikely to become a reality.

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