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Mohammad Javad Shakuri MoghadamThe CEO of Sabaideh Holding, the owner of Aparat, announced the company’s decision to close this service after the scandals created in the last two months for the Aparat Game service. He said in this regard: “Despite inner desire and ultimately regret and sadness, the game camera will be turned off forever from Friday, September 18.” Shakuri Moghadam explained the reason for this decision as follows:

About two months ago, Mr. Jabali, the head of Sedavasima, addressed the field of game streaming and game apparatus at Sharif University of Technology and declared that its atmosphere is full of obscene and satanic content. After that, roundtables were held in the Broadcasting Organization, and newspapers covered this issue and praised similar services, such as Twitch. In the same conversation that I had a few days ago with the Satra Group, they announced that through letters from some institutions, they were required to monitor this space accurately and correctly.

Referring to the 19-year experience of this group in the country’s digital ecosystem, he said that this time they have no intention of explaining and fighting different media wars. He added about this issue:

We are tired and we want to change the way we face this challenge. We leave this field to them. They can launch a streaming service on television.

Aparat Game service started in 2016 and developed for five years with round-the-clock efforts, and in the past year, it has had 71 thousand unique game streamers who have produced online content for nearly 2.4 million audiences in this field. Is. The CEO of Sabaideh Holding announced the preservation of the contents of this service and said:

Users should not worry. We will maintain the contents of this service in users’ channels and all users’ payments for subscription and Ruby will be fully refunded by the end of September.

He announced that the company will not stop working; But it will change the playing field. Shakuri Moghadam added:

Aparat Game service will become a module of an Arabic game portal by the end of this year. The brand will not be separated; But it will continue to develop.

The constant story of monopoly

Shakuri called the closing down of game cameras as a continuation of the existing monopoly process in the country and said:

This is a historical phenomenon that is repeating itself. From blogs and social networks to messengers, video calls, video sharing, home cinema, and now game streaming, which have challenged us. The main reason for this issue is that the regulators and officials in this field are not familiar with what and how the new phenomena are and make decisions far from expertise and knowledge.

According to him, Sadaosima, Satra and Ministry of Guidance are currently responsible for this field, and they have enough problems in their own organizations. Addressing these new phenomena requires more knowledgeable people, who might be at the National Video Game Foundation or the Cyberspace Council.

Shakuri-Moghadam considered the responsibility of such decisions to be directly on those who enter a field without knowledge and expertise and make decisions before knowing and do not use the private sector for consultation and guidance. In the end, he expressed regret about the migration of services and companies and announced that we have reached the migration of services and companies from the migration of users and elites, and this is regrettable.

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