Anxiety about the development of artificial intelligence is increasing among humans

Chlorinea 34-year-old public relations employee, told the BBC: “From speed and complexity ChatGPT I’m amazed. If this technology continues to grow at this rate for the next few years, we can imagine a world where robots do human jobs well; For this reason, I am worried about what effect this technology will have on my future career.

Alice Marshall The 29-year-old, who works in content publishing, told the BBC: “I think a lot of people are afraid of the development process Artificial intelligence is worried. We hope that our current customers will not prefer the convenience of using artificial intelligence tools to the value and authenticity of human activities.”

written by FuturismIt is not unreasonable to worry about the impact of artificial intelligence on the labor market of many jobs. Rest Of World reported just last week Artificial intelligence has replaced some Chinese video game illustrators. Goldman Sachs It has also recently announced that artificial intelligence can replace 300 million jobs.

Some experts say people who fear automation should focus on what they can control and ride the wave of artificial intelligence.

Caroline Montrose, a lecturer at Columbia University, told the BBC: “It’s natural to feel anxious about the impact of artificial intelligence; Because this technology is evolving and there are many unknown practical factors along the way.”

It should be seen how artificial intelligence can be used as a tool to improve workflows. Of course, this does not mean that CEOs of companies do not have a decision to replace some of their workforce with artificial intelligence.

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