Another Titan project manager left Apple for an active taxi taxi startup

Michael Shockout’s updated profile on LinkedIn shows that he has taken on the position of Chief Engineering Officer at Archer Aviation. Archer, an aerospace company, is developing an all-electric aircraft that uses vertical take-off and landing capabilities to navigate cities.

Shockout first joined the Apple Car, or Titan Project, team in March 2019, serving as the team’s chief engineering officer. It is interesting to know that he was Tesla’s vice president of engineering before Apple.

Overall, Apple’s car development has seen a number of management changes over the past few years. For example, in September, Titan’s vice president of projects, viz Doug Field, Apple aside after three years of operation Bob Mansfield and John Giannandra He left for Ford.

The head of artificial intelligence, John Gianandria, continues to oversee the development of Apple; But with Field’s departure, the Cupertinos have recently hired Apple Watch CEO Kevin Lynch to further their car ambitions. The project is being led by Lynch, and Apple plans to build a fully independent electric vehicle / car.

Previous reports have suggested that Apple has revived its auto development and production lab; The lab, which is said to have closed completely in 2016, had previously housed more than 1,000 Titan Project staff and engineers. The re-attempt comes after months of unsuccessful negotiations with companies such as Hyundai, Nissan and Biamo. Apparently Apple hoped to hand over the actual production of its car to reputable manufacturers; But due to the competition in this industry, it did not succeed in this important.

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In addition, the iPhone maker has a large fleet of 69 test vehicles in the state of California, which it uses to test self-driving systems. The testing of each vehicle mainly involves a number of LiDAR sensors; However, equipment such as radar is also used. The company is thought to be planning to launch a self-driving car in the next four years; But this scenario will also be likely that Apple will unveil the car in 2025 and, according to the automakers’ tradition, will launch it with a few years delay.

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