Another interruption in the international bandwidth capacity of the infrastructure communications company slowed down the Internet

According to the network operations center of the Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, 300 gigabytes of the international capacity of the Infrastructure Telecommunication Company, which is provided through Russia Telecom, has been cut off from 18:30 today (December 19). The infrastructure communications company has stated on its website that this disruption will be fixed soon.

About two weeks ago, the technical deputy director of the Infrastructure Telecommunications Company announced that 430 gigabytes of the international bandwidth capacity of the Infrastructure Telecommunications Company had been cut off due to the disconnection of GBI’s second-class fiber in the maritime border between Qatar and the UAE. Last week, the head of the Regulatory Authority for Radiocommunications linked the continued slowness and disruption to the Internet to the failure of the offshore cable problem, which was cut off almost 10 days ago, and said that the problem had not yet been resolved. Is.

The speed and quality of the Internet has been cut off many times since September of this year, along with disruptions and slowdowns. In his first press conference yesterday, the Minister of Communications stated in response to a question about the reduction of the quality of the Internet that the Internet is the right of the people and the government’s policy is not to restrict access to the Internet and foreign traffic of users.

Issa Zarepour promised that with the programs that are followed on a weekly basis by the regulator, infrastructure and operators, the ministry is trying to return the quality of the Internet to normal and users to use the quality Internet.

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