Android 14 is likely to offer the ability to install two versions of an app at the same time

Some of the manufacturers of Android phones offer the ability to simulate programs on their custom skins, and although this feature is slightly different in each brand’s phone, they ultimately have the same function. In this way, users can run two versions of the same program on their phone and enter each one with separate accounts. For example, if you have two user accounts in the same social network, you can install two versions of its official program and use each one with a different account.

Now it seems that Google has decided to offer the possibility of running two identical versions of the same application on Android devices. Mishal RahmanBy checking the codes of the preview version of Android 14, the software expert noticed that there is a new flag called Cloned Apps in the settings section of this operating system, which will make the mentioned function available to users.

to report Androidauthority, since the emulation feature of Android apps is currently under development, its functions are limited. To use this tool in Android 14, you must first define the programs you intend to clone with the developer tools; A process that will be an obstacle for normal users. Also, once the apps are launched, the operating system doesn’t differentiate them well enough.

In general, features such as application simulation are provided in developer preview versions, and some of them may be removed in final versions. Considering that since the release of Android 12 there is evidence that this feature has been added, it seems that Google is modifying it and therefore we expect it to be available to users in the stable version of Android 14.

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