Android 13 will show the health of your smartphone battery

Currently, the ability to know the status of the battery provided in the iPhone is not natively available in Android phones, and for this reason, it is considered one of the most important features of Apple phones. Now Google has provided this feature in the public beta version of Android 13.

With Android 13, you will soon know when to change the battery of your Android phone

Mishal Rahman On his Twitter account, he shared a screenshot of the QPR1 Android 13 public beta, which provides details about the update. This update was actually an intermediate version and contains changes that are released periodically. But there is an interesting point in the mentioned screenshot that refers to the ability to detect the health of the battery.

written by Gizchina, the new public beta version of Android 13, in the settings section of Pixel phones, provides data related to battery health with a circular indicator. This page provides fairly clear explanations about the device’s battery to the user. In the picture below, you can see the status of the battery.

Android battery health feature

Viewing battery health will be very useful for people who want to use their smartphone for a longer period of time. These users can now check the battery status of their Android device and if it needs to be replaced, they can do this. Now the question is whether the said feature will be offered only to owners of Pixel series phones or other Android phone manufacturers can also add it to their products. The answer to this question will not be known until Android 13 is released for most smartphones on the market.

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Mishal Rahman It has also provided explanations about the new features that will be added to Android smartphones with Android 13. One of these features is called Clear Calling, and as the name suggests, it improves the quality of voice calls by reducing background noise.

Battery health in Android 13

It is possible that the Clear Calling function can be activated through the sound and vibration settings, but it is still not clear whether it will be only for Pixel phones or if it will be available for all phones compatible with the latest version of Android. According to the description provided, Wi-Fi calls will not support this feature, but it will be available for calls made over cellular networks and will eliminate background noise when making voice calls.

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