Android 12L Surface Duo update enables desktop mode

The Android 12L update, which was recently released for Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2, provides various features such as new wallpapers, appearance changes, new pen menu, etc. to the owners of these two devices. One of the interesting and new features added to the Surface Duo with this update allows you to use your device to access a Windows PC through the Remote Desktop Program or RDP.

Shane Craighas shared a video about the desktop mode feature of the Android 12L update for the Surface Duo and Duo 2, and it mentions how the feature works.

However, it is important to note that the desktop mode feature is not normally available as it is currently in developer mode. This feature can be enabled by enabling developer mode and going to Settings > System > Developer Options. In this section you can change the mandatory desktop mode.

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written by MSPoweruserAfter enabling Forced Desktop Mode and connecting the device to the dock, you will not see any changes in the Surface Duo. Craig It notes how this feature works when the Surface Duo is connected to a dock that also has a monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected to it. In this case, the computer monitor will show the RDP program icon that you can click on. Doing so allows you to connect to a Windows PC on a network or cloud. This feature also allows for adding additional PCs and connecting other applications.

Although the Force Desktop Mode feature looks cool, it’s still under development and may not work for all Surface Duo owners. However, this feature offers a lot of possibilities for professional users who need easy access to Windows.

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