An informed source denied Apple’s desire to take over Manchester United

While an exciting rumor pointed to the possibility of Apple buying Manchester United, one of the media close to this famous company claims that Apple has no such plans. McRumors which expertly covers the news surrounding Apple, wrote the new report citing a knowledgeable source.

Since 2005, Manchester United is owned by a wealthy family Glazer have been. The club said in a statement last Tuesday that with the decision of the board members, Manchester United is ready to enter into negotiations with “strategic alternatives” of the Glazer family. One of the possible plans is the complete sale of Manchester United. This news was published on the same day as the separation of Manchester Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed

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Despite the fact that Apple has no plan to take over Manchester United, in recent years, Apple has shown special attention to the field of sports. Apple already has a special program for American baseball matches on the TV Plus service and will exclusively broadcast all American Football League matches for the next 10 years.

In the previous rumor, it was said that Apple made an offer of seven billion dollars to take over Manchester United.

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