An image of the new Apple Watch Pro shows the gigantic dimensions of the case of this watch compared to the previous generation

With its 1.99-inch screen, the Apple Watch Pro is the largest smartwatch produced by Apple. The latest leaked information shows a significant difference in the size of the new Apple Watch case from the largest model of the 8 series, which could mean that there are more features in the Apple Watch Pro.

Before the official start of Apple’s Far Out event next day, many rumors and news about Apple Watch Pro are being published. The latest published news is also related to the comparison of the frame of the most expensive smart watch in the history of Apple with two models of the Apple Watch Series 8. Sony Dixon has published pictures of Apple Watch Series 8 and the new Pro model, comparing their sizes and clearly showing that the new Apple Watch is bigger.

Looking at the pictures, the 41mm and 45mm Apple Watch Series 8 looks very small compared to the 49mm Apple Watch Pro, which could give the Apple Watch Pro an advantage or disadvantage for users. According to a Bloomberg reporter, those interested in buying Apple’s most expensive wearable product should be prepared to pay up to $1,000; However, its large size may be inconvenient for many people.

Apple Watch Pro size comparison with Eva Watch Series 8

Although the Apple Watch Pro’s exorbitant price may be a major drawback and deter many from buying it, it has advantages such as a large battery and features such as a more durable body and a new customizable button on the left side that was not present in previous models.

It should be noted that the size of the Apple Watch frame is still the same SE Not specified; But there is only one day left until the release of all the news and details about Apple’s new products, and everything will be clear tomorrow.

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