An attractive and scary development; Boston Dynamics robotic dog was equipped with ChatGPT

A team of creative programmers recently developed Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog ChatGPT Inc OpenAI and the text transformation model have equipped Google’s speech to literally talk to users and answer their questions and requests.

Santiago ValdarramaEngineer Machine Learning posted a video on Twitter showing how he and his colleagues programmed a Boston Dynamics robotic dog called Spot to answer user questions with the help of the popular OpenAI chatbot.

Valdarama He explained on Twitter that robots like Spot perform various automated tasks every day. “We provide the bot with configuration files and mission results using ChatGPT and then ask questions using those fields,” he continued. Therefore, by applying the text-to-speech conversion model, the robot can be used to obtain information on various topics.

As you can see in the video above, Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog shows additional gestures when answering questions, such as shaking its head to say no.

Although the type of bot interaction in its current form seems harmless, many people were horrified by the video.

For example, a user on Twitter has shared an animated image of a humanoid robot holding a machine gun. “One day, in retrospect, we will refer to this day as a pivotal turning point in the robotics and artificial intelligence industry,” one user said humorously.

Futurism While integrating ChatGPT with the Spot bot could bring us one small step closer to the rise of bots, such work has always been part of the technology’s development plan, he writes. In February, Microsoft signed a multi-billion dollar deal with OpenAI to use the startup’s artificial intelligence tools in its various products, including Use the Bing search engine.

The integration of ChatGPT with the Boston Dynamics robotic dog can initiate a change in the way robotic systems are developed, and it is hoped that this action will encourage other researchers to work in this exciting field.

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