An 18-year-old gamer won an NFT in a tournament and sold it for $1.6 million

Although the initial craze for NFTs has died down, the technology continues to be of interest to some individuals and companies. As crypto market conditions improved somewhat, a non-fungible token was now sold for 1,000 Ether ($1.6 million). This digital artifact, like many recent NFTs that have sold at high prices, is from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.

An 18-year-old gamer named Kyle Jackson better known as Mongraal, sold a rare NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection for 1,000 Ether to a billionaire named Adam Weitzman sold.

Mongral who rose to fame due to his success in the game Fortnite, because of the highest score in the NFT game known as Dookey Dash, he acquired and sold an expensive NFT. This gamer says:

written by TheChainSawLast week, one of the largest Web3 communities, UpDAO, made an offer worth 690 WETH units (equivalent to $1.1 million at the time) to buy the NFT Mongrel. The famous meme website called 9GAG also offered an offer worth 999 Tether (about $1.6 million) to buy this NFT; But this irreplaceable token eventually Weitzman Receipt.

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