American artist accused artificial intelligence of identity theft

A famous artist from two companies AI has sued. “Artificially produced images that mimic a particular artist’s style have committed a form of plagiarism, and thus the AI ​​works compete with the works of creative people whose work is used to train the models,” he told Fox News.

Artificial intelligence platforms such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion use text and images from all over the Internet and other sources to train their models so that they can create the photos users want.

Carla Ortizan artist and illustrator from San Francisco who claims that his work has been used to train artificial intelligence, filed a lawsuit against Midjourney and Stable Diffusion in January.

Ortiz He told Fox News: “If someone can imitate my work, it’s because a certain company gives them permission to do so, and it looks like identity theft. Such an action is like someone taking all the things you worked hard for and letting someone else do whatever they want with them and make a profit.”

Ortiz Before filing his lawsuit, he said he could force Midjourney and Stable Diffusion to create images in the style of his own work.

Stability AI, as the creator of StableDiffusion, filed a motion to dismiss in April Ortiz presented and claimed that this artist has failed to identify the alleged output image, let alone produce an image similar to his own works that has copyright. Midjorny also filed a similar request regarding this case.

Ortiz “In order for AI models to generate new images, they must first be trained on a very large amount of data,” he told Fox News. Data that includes images and text and includes everything, including people’s medical records, people’s jobs, housing, and even works of art.”

to report NYPostPreviously, some other artists have also examined the methods of technology companies to train productive artificial intelligence models and the capacity to exploit data in machine learning.

Ortiz After filing a lawsuit against Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, he says the models have blocked data extracted from his work to create new images, but his concerns remain.

Ortiz “These models create images that resemble the works of human artists,” he said. So you have to compete with your digital counterpart who doesn’t rest and doesn’t get paid.”

According to a Goldman Sachs report in March, Artificial intelligence could affect 300 million jobs worldwide. IBM has also recently announced that it plans to use this technology as a workforce, and the company’s CEO said that about 30% of their employees (about 8,000 people) will probably be replaced by artificial intelligence in the next five years.

“In addition to illustrators, voice actors and musicians, artificial intelligence will affect almost every other job you can imagine,” Ortiz told Fox News.

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