AMD’s share of the X86 processor market continues to decline

The hardware industry has been facing problems in recent months, the main reason of which is the inflationary conditions of the global economy and the low level of demand for consumer electronics. People who need a smartphone or computer are increasingly turning to second-hand options as new products gather dust on store shelves. The costs of the IT unit of the organizations have also decreased during the past months.

As for processor sales, the market decline has been so severe that Intel recently posted its biggest quarterly loss in its history. In the last two years, AMD took a significant part of Intel’s share and performed better than the blue team. However, in recent months, we have seen a decrease in sales of AMD processors, especially Zen 4 models.

However, the analysts of Mercury Research and Counterpoint believe that the market will gradually improve from the second half of this year. The reason for limiting the supply of AMD processors was to keep the price of processors high for a longer period of time because the red team’s share of the desktop processor market is 19.2% and only 16.2% of the laptop chip market.

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