AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D processor from the point of view of technology media; The power of the reds

As expected, the performance of the new AMD processor in video games is exemplary. However, some games do not use the 3D V-Cache technology very well, and this makes the 7950X3D power sometimes not significantly higher than the 7950X.

The 7950X3D processor was able to achieve an average frame rate of 84fps in Hogwarts Legacy, which represents a 14% difference with the standard 7950X model and a 5% difference with the 13900KS. AMD’s flagship processor achieved a frame rate of about 140fps in Spider-Man Remastered and its performance was similar to 13900KS.

The 7950X3D performed five percent faster than the 13900KS in Shadow of the Tomb Raider and appeared 20 percent more powerful than the 7950X. TechSpot says that the two games Rainbow Six Extraction and Factorio are not well adapted to AMD’s 3D cache technology, which is why the 7950X3D does not perform as expected in these games. AMD’s new flagship still runs these games at high frame rates, but the average frame rate is 16 percent lower than the 7950X. At first glance, this result does not fit with logic and probably AMD will fix the problem soon.

According to TechSpot’s review, the 7950X3D is on average 9% faster than the 7950X, and the 7800X3D is about 10% faster than the 7800X3D. 7700X works.

Summing up the 7950X3D review, TechSpot says this processor is an impressive product that delivers top-notch gaming performance and even performs well in demanding applications: “If you’re looking for a processor that can handle anything, the 7950X3D is an attractive choice.” ”

TechSpot says that if you’re only interested in gaming, the lower priced octa-core model of the Ryzen 7000X3D series processors performs well and is a reasonable choice.

According to TechSpot, whether the 7950X3D is a better processor or the 13900KS depends directly on the game; But these two processors are generally very similar. Meanwhile, 7950X3D is 20% more expensive than 13900K model and Motherboards compatible with Intel chips are also generally priced lower. For this reason, the 13900K is a better processor for those on a tighter budget.

The flagship processor 7950X3D, which is compatible with the AM5 platform, shows a very good performance, but from the PCMag expert’s point of view, this good performance does not justify the high price of the processor. Intel 13900K processor and even 7950X are among the most powerful desktop processors in the world despite being cheaper.

PCMag considers things like high-capacity L3 cache, high-level gaming power, and optimal energy consumption among the strengths of 7950X3D, and considers excessive temperature and high price as negative points of this processor.

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