AMD CEO unveiled new Raizen 6000 chips before official unveiling

While users are waiting for the unveiling of new AMD products this evening, Dr. Lisa Soo, CEO of the company, yesterday evening A tweet, Released a photo that appears to be the same 6-nanometer accelerator chip Raizant 6000 named Rembrandt, along with a text and link to watch today’s event today AMD. While congratulating the New Year in the text of this tweet, he invited users to watch AMD’s product premiere online; Ms. Soo is also expected to provide more information about Rembrandt processors during today’s talk.

Of course, rumors have been circulating for the past three days about the possible specifications of Rembrandt processors. According to the same rumors, these processors will actually be 6000 series chips that are equipped with eight Zen 3 processing cores and 16 MB L3 cache. These features are not as impressive as their predecessors; But the main difference will be the new Zen 3 cores and the 6-nanometer lithography used by TSMC in the production of this series of AMD processors.

Of course, you are supposed to see the most progress in the graphics section; As it turns out, the old Vega graphics will be replaced by the new graphics with the RDNA2 architecture. According to rumors, the new integrated graphics may include more cores and processors up to 768 stream processors; In addition, the new integrated RDNA2 GPUs have about 50% more cores than their predecessor Vega counterparts, resulting in a much better new generation gaming performance.

Other common updates to the 6000 Series processors include support for DDR5 and LPDDR5 with up to 20 PCle 4.0 lanes and two USB 4 ports at 40 Gbps.

The veracity of these rumors is currently hidden from us; But we are not going to wait long to find out the real and official specifications of these chips. As expected, AMD will unveil some of its new products at CES 2022 this evening; So wait for the news coverage of this event in Zomit.

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