AMD Athlon Gold PRO 4150GE processor with Zen 2 core and Vega was introduced

It looks like AMD is launching a new accelerator processor The Athlon Gold PRO 4150GE is available in the Asia-Pacific market. According to Wccftech, the Red Team’s processor uses cores with Zen 2 architecture.

AMD has not introduced a new product for the desktop-class economy APU market for some time. The Ryzen 5000X and Ryzen 5000G family products, which rely on the Zen 3 architecture, represent AMD in this segment of the market, however, the Raizen 5 and newer series processors, as well as only a few Raizen 3 processors, are connected to OEM systems.

It seems that AMD has finally decided to revive the desktop processor market with a new product from the Atlon family. Athlon Gold 4000 series processors were first mentioned in mid-2021, so the release of the Gold PRO 4150GE is not surprising.

The AMD Athlon Gold PRO 4150GE processor uses the Zen 2 architecture and is equipped with four cores and four chips. The base frequency of the processor is 3.3 GHz and its boost frequency (amplified) reaches 3.7 GHz. The chip uses four megabytes of second-level cache (L2) memory and has an operational thermal design (TDP) of 35 watts, as we are dealing with a GE-class processor. The other model of this product with G extension will probably be offered with a power between 50 and 65 watts.

Technical specifications of Athlon Gold PRO 4150GE in Windows

The highlight of the new AMD APU (apart from the Zen 2 architecture) is the hosting of the third-generation Vega graphics cores. The AMD Athlon Gold PRO 4150GE is not only equipped with the third generation of Vega integrated cores, but also has several additional computing units. In the AMD processor we see five computing units (CU) or 320 cores that operate at a frequency of 1,500 MHz. In comparison, the Athlon Gold PRO 3150GE hosted only three computing units running at 1.100 MHz. The new Red Team APU supports AM4 socket and DDR4-3200 standard.

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Since we are dealing with processors from the PRO family, the AMD Athlon Gold 4150GE will probably only be available in assembled systems, but AMD already has a history of offering this type of product independently in the Asia-Pacific market. AMD chips are currently priced at $ 118.29 on Express, which is a high price for a chip at this level; Of course, you should not forget that Express is not an official AMD dealer and, like other retailers, can impose additional costs on the initial price of the product.

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