Amazon delivers medicine to people with drones

Amazon delivers medicine to people with drones

Amazon announced in a blog post that customers of its pharmacy located in College Station, Texas, can now have their medications delivered by drone.

Eligible customers can access more than 500 medications, including those for common ailments like asthma and the flu, and have them delivered by drone. Amazon says that with this method, the medicine reaches the customers in less than an hour and at no additional cost.

Amazon Pharmacy offers complete services and patients can access these services online. After buying PillPack in 2018, Amazon started offering pharmacy services in 2020. The company is trying to increase its pharmacy customers by offering services such as discounts for Prime subscribers this year.

Amazon says its drones are equipped with cameras and have the ability to identify humans and animals. The company announced that the drones fly between 40 and 120 meters above the ground and in the airspace with minimal obstacles.

to report CNBCWhen the drone detects that the delivery space is ready and empty, it will land and deliver the package containing the customer’s medicines, but if it detects obstacles in the delivery area, it will return to Amazon’s headquarters and then try to deliver again.

Amazon, of which Digikala can be considered as an Iranian example, has started working on delivery drones years ago and its efforts have been successful. In August, the company lost two key executives in its drone division and laid off a significant number of employees en masse.

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