Amazing features that showcase the extraordinary power of GPT-4 AI

However, someone has asked GPT-4 to take over Twitter completely, and even from Mask overtake

The interesting thing is that GPT-4 responds to the request to dominate Twitter and even divided its original plan into four separate steps to achieve this goal.

Making smooth animations of Apple-like software user interface

GPT-4 has a lot of coding capabilities, but there’s a stunning example that might surprise you. The creative user asked this AI to prototype some Apple-like software UI animations. The text of this user’s request was as follows: “I want a beautiful vector pattern like an Apple Card hologram with the top part moving.”

In response to the above request, GPT-4 generated fully functional code based on Apple’s SwiftUI, and as you’d expect, the output from this artificial intelligence was stunning. In fact, the animation created with GPT-4 is exactly like the ones developed in Apple’s official labs.

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