Almost a third of American teenagers own an Apple Watch

Piper Sandler has published its annual report called Taking Stock With Teens. This report shows that 31% of American teenagers are currently using Apple Watch, and 16% of them plan to buy this product.

Philip Elmer DeWitt Says Piper Sandler’s recent survey provides comprehensive results; But it cannot be considered very accurate. He says that the sampling of this survey consists mostly of people from the prosperous regions of North America. to report 9to5MacAbout 87% of American teenagers own an iPhone device and 88% have announced that their next smartphone will be an iPhone.

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It is possible that Piper Sandler’s statistics are correct. According to recent reports, Apple’s wearable products continue to dominate the market. According to new statistics, Apple’s sales of wearable products are three times higher than its closest competitor, Samsung. Apple’s position in the market of smart wearable products has probably been strengthened by the launch of the Apple Watch SE 2. With a base price of $249, using the same chip as the Apple Watch Series 8 and offering new features such as accident detection and the ability to call emergency services, this product has become very popular among buyers.

Many American parents believe that the Apple Watch offers a good balance between safety and price and is a tool for tracking their children. In addition, the LTE model of this product offers the possibility of making and receiving calls and messages without the additional cost and risks of using an iPhone.

Apple’s monitoring capabilities have made it easier for American parents to buy an Apple Watch for their children. Older teenagers are more likely to own an iPhone now, and surely many of them are pressuring their parents to buy them an Apple Watch as well.

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