All the rumors about the Galaxy Z Fold 4; What do we expect from the next generation of Samsung clamshell phones?

The Galaxy Fold 3 is Samsung’s best clamshell smartphone, which turns into a tablet-sized device when opened. Now that the last days of 2021 are over, the best time to look to the future and predict the future of clamshell smartphones. In this article, the most authoritative rumors about the Galaxy Fold 4 are collected so that we can guess what products await us in the future?


The Galaxy Z Fold does not have 4 S Pen slots

There is no doubt that the Galaxy Fold is a fascinating display of technology and innovation. But there is a problem; Samsung’s top clamshell phone is not inherently functional like the Galaxy Z Flip 3 or even the Galaxy Note series. For example, in the Galaxy Fold 3 ports for the S Pen It did not exist and according to rumors, the successor of this smartphone does not offer such a feature. In fact, those of the pen They use the S Pen, they have to find a way to carry it safely with them because their smart device has no place to store it!

Samsung Galaxy Fold

We hope the whistleblowers have misunderstood this because we would really love to see a port on the Galaxy Fold 4. Even if the company can add a new feature to the Galaxy Fold 4 that can magnetically attach the S Pen to the hinge of the device, buyers are more satisfied. Even Samsung can promote this feature as one of the most important strengths of its new product for sale.

The Galaxy Fold 4 may have two-way fingerprint sensors

Samsung brought the fingerprint sensor to its clamshell phones with the Galaxy Fold 3. This sensor, located on the right side of the device, is accessible even when the smartphone is closed, and can also act as a power button.

However, according to the Dutch publication Lets Go Digital, the fingerprint sensor will probably move to the bottom of the screen. Referring to a patent filed by Samsung in March this year in support of this claim, the publication said:

The company plans to process the security sensor in such a way that it can be used as a “two-way fingerprint sensor”, on the cover screen (when the phone is closed) as well as when you open the device the size of a tablet.

According to the report, when the device is closed, the fingerprint sensor is accessible from the lower middle of the cover screen. Also, when the smartphone is opened, it is located at the bottom center of the left screen.


The Galaxy Z Fold 4 has cameras under the display in its internal and external display screens

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has introduced the display camera in the Samsung clamshell series. This camera is located below the large internal display screen and is one of the five cameras in the device. According to rumors, the Galaxy Fold 4 will also rely on five cameras, but according to a Korean whistleblower, this time there will be two cameras under the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

This is another rumor that we hope will be false, unless Samsung improves its technology drastically. The camera under the Galaxy Fold 3’s display performed much worse than other lenses. Its performance was so poor that even in good lighting conditions it did not produce acceptable output at all. The internal images captured by the Galaxy Z Fold 3 monitor camera are said to look “highly processed”.


The Galaxy Fold 4 could be cheaper

Many of the popular folders on the market today are available for around $ 2,000, far beyond the budget of regular buyers. If Samsung and its competitors want their flexible devices to enter the market widely, one of the important factors that must change is its price. This could happen if the rumors are true.

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According to the same Korean whistleblower, the price of the Galaxy Fold 4 will decrease. This whistleblower did not provide further details. Given the history of the Galaxy Fold product line, it is likely that the Fold 4 will not be as expensive as some of its predecessors. Although the Fold 3 is the most expensive Samsung phone released this year, it still has a price reduction compared to the Fold 2 of the previous 2 years and the main Fold 2019. The Fold 3 comes with a starting price of $ 1,800 in the United States, which has experienced a decrease of $ 200 compared to the initial price of the Fold 2. All of this indicates that we are likely to see a price drop on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. These products must eventually reach a price that more people can afford.

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