All Japan RTX 3050 graphics cards sold for $ 400 in a matter of hours

Nvidia unveiled its latest cost-effective graphics card, the RTX 3050, on January 15, 2014; This economical graphics card was introduced for desktop enthusiasts and is equipped with all the benefits of Nvidia’s high-end cards such as beam momentum, artificial intelligence and GPU accelerators. Nvidia had priced the graphics card at $ 249 when it introduced it.

Galakuro, a graphics card supplier affiliated with Taiwanese company Galax, began selling the RTX 3050 graphics card in Japan on Friday, January 15; But the Galakuro, despite the low cost of the graphics card, offered a higher price than Nvidia for the sale.

Galakuro pricing

The RTX 3050 is priced at $ 249 in the US, which is a fairly high price for economics, but still up from the $ 400 (50,138 Japanese yen) Gala announced by Galakuro (actually $ 439 with tax) It was an exorbitant price to sell this graphics card on Amazon Japan; However, according to Tomshardware, the entire stock of the RTX 3050 was sold out within hours.

The RTX 3050 is not a fancy graphics card with a very high clock speed or an advanced cooling system; This is Nvidia, a regular and inexpensive graphics card that uses a relatively expensive GA106-150 graphics processor with 2,560 CUDA cores, eight gigabytes of GDDR6 memory with a 128-bit memory interface, and is cooled by a simple cooling system.

The RTX 3050, like other RTX 30 series graphics cards, has four DisplayPort 1.4 outputs for the display and one HDMI 2.1 port.

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It should be noted that the price of graphics cards in general has increased somewhat due to the crisis of shortage of semiconductor components in general, and a price increase compared to the factory price of such products seems reasonable, on the other hand, paying $ 400 tax-free to the Japanese , Because hardware is always sold at a relatively high price in this country.

With Galakuro priced for Nvidia’s RTX 3050 graphics card in Japan, it is unlikely that this product will be available at the same Nvidia $ 249 factory price in the US and elsewhere. What is your estimate for the US RTX 3050 launch price?

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