AI ChatGPT is a double-edged sword for writers; Increasing the quality of writings or the risk of unemployment?

ChatGPT and its attractive features Artificial intelligence can help writers and office workers improve the quality of their writing and spend less time writing. Thus, these people can use their extra time to do other things. A recent MIT study shows that chatbots OpenAI helps improve the quality of authors’ writing, but the technology also increases the risk of some employees being fired.

The article “Empirical Evidence on Productivity Effects of Productive Artificial Intelligence”. Shaked Novi And Whitney Zhang They wrote from the MIT economics department, although the results have not been reviewed yet. However, the conclusions reached about ChatGPT’s chatbot technology are both fascinating and worrisome because it also shows the risk of some people becoming unemployed.

new And Zhang Both are PhD students. written by PCWorld, these two researchers divided 444 university-educated professionals into two groups. In the next step, these two groups were assigned tasks such as writing press releases, e-mails, short reports, and specific analytical programs. One group was allowed to use text editing and the other group used ChatGPT to perform the mentioned tasks. At the end, points were awarded based on the quality of the writings. On the other hand, to increase the motivation of these two groups, they were told that the more points they get, the more rewards they will receive.

The MIT study showed that the time required to write a text was cut in half in the group that used ChatGPT compared to the other group. The quality of the work of the group that used artificial intelligence was also evaluated better than the competing group.

Researchers found that educated people using ChatGPT wrote higher quality texts and their productivity increased. This chatbot also improved the output of disabled people and saved their time.

According to the results obtained from the MIT study, about 68% of people submitted ChatGPT output without additional editing as the final result of their work.

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