AI chatbot Claude was introduced with claims of more accurate responses than ChatGPT

Anthropic, an active company in the field of Artificial intelligence that a group of former employees Founded by OpenAI, it introduced a new chatbot called Claude. Apparently, the capabilities of this tool are more than Chat is GPT. According to Anthropic, the first batch of users of the company’s artificial intelligence chatbot have reported that its responses are much less likely to make mistakes and much easier to converse with.

OpenAI is supported by Microsoft and on the other hand, Google is known as a big supporter of Anthropic. The Internet search giant invested $300 million in the startup in February, and its chatbot, like ChatGPT, offers capabilities such as summarizing text, answering questions, writing letters or articles, and generating programming code. Users can also like Microsoft’s new Bing will change the tone, personality, and behavior of Claude’s chatbot.

Verge Entropy’s overall goal, he writes, is to build a new AI assistant that is useful, honest, and harmless. This chatbot does not have access to the Internet because it is designed to be self-contained.

In addition to launching the standard cloud version of its chatbot, Anthropic is launching another version called Claude Instant, a model that is cheaper, faster and lighter than its cloud counterpart. The company has already provided access to its chatbot to companies like Quara, Notion and DuckDuckGo. On the other hand, the search engine DuckDuckGo recently unveiled its OpenAI AI-powered search tool called DuckAssist. To know the price of different packages, access to Entropic chatbot Its official website See.

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