After Meta, Google also makes extreme content moderation software available to smaller websites.

The European Union has recently passed many laws, one of which is the new anti-extremism measures. Now it seems that Google is planning to join this alliance.

The internet search giant is often criticized by smaller companies for anti-competitive practices. to report Gizmodo The company is developing free content moderation software to help sites monitor and remove terrorist content. The news about Google’s new tool was first reported in the Financial Times. This is while Meta has been trying to help smaller companies with fewer resources to avoid the strict fines of European digital services laws.

The content moderation tool was developed by a partnership between Google’s Jigsaw R&D unit and the United Nations-backed Tech Against Terrorism and uses a database of suspicious content identified by global non-profit Internet communities Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube, and Twitter. Although Meta recently announced that its open-source anti-terrorism detection software helps sites match potentially harmful content against that database, the Financial Times report notes that Google’s tools help human observers take the next step and decide whether to post content. What actions should they take that are marked as harmful?

The Digital Services Act, which took effect last November, includes provisions that force websites and platforms to remove terrorist content within an hour of receiving a warrant or face heavy fines. Although these measures are intended to positively suppress extremist content, it will have consequences due to the lack of fit with some smaller companies. While large technology companies such as Google and Meta use their huge investments in artificial intelligence to increase the rate of discovery of content related to terrorism, most startups and small companies do not have access to such resources and facilities.

Jasmine GreenIn an interview with the Financial Times, Jigsaw’s CEO explained:

Many websites don’t have the human or software resources to comply with EU regulatory rules, and it’s really hard to even build algorithms that can do it automatically; As a result, most of these companies need human review methods to comply with EU digital laws.Jasmine Green

Adam Hadleythe executive director of Tech Against Terrorism also made similar statements green has raised:

Our experience shows that terrorists seek to exploit smaller platforms where content moderation is challenging due to limited resources. This initiative is designed to strengthen existing efforts to alert these types of companies and platforms.Adam Hadley

A Google spokesperson told Gizmodo in an email:

Terrorism targets open societies, and addressing the threat posed by violence and hatred is a challenge for all of us. Jigsaw and Tech Against Terrorism, in collaboration with the Global Internet Forum for Countering Terrorism (GIFCT), are developing a new web application that will help platforms and small businesses take action on suspicious URLs and hashes. This coalition of companies is made to support small and medium platforms to prevent the spread of extremist and violent content.Google spokesperson

Of course, Google’s help to smaller companies to moderate content according to the rules of the European Union is not just out of kindness. Although the mentioned project will not be profitable for the internet search giant in the short term green He told the Financial Times that such an action is in Google’s favor and will be profitable in the long run.

The news about the development of Google’s content moderation tool is published while Meta also made its content moderation tool known as Hasher-Matcher-Actioner (HMA) available to a large number of companies interested in identifying terrorist or extremist content. The Meta tool uses hashes of known terrorist content to identify images or videos and then takes enforcement action to remove them.

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