Advertising report was published in Appostor Miket in the first half of 1400!

Advertising in AppStore allows you to display your application in different parts of the AppStore and manage their performance. Search ads and other types of ads on AppShort help you to increase your presence in this appstore.

Advertising report in Appostor Miket Download.

Miket, an Iranian appstore with more than 28 million installations

Appstore Miket is one of the well-known appstores for Iranian users, through which they have access to many of the programs, apps and games they want. So far, 350,000 games and applications have been made available to users through the Miket appstore, and currently, 28 million people have installed and used this appstore on their phones. On a monthly basis, 10 million people visit the Miket App Store and do the process of downloading or updating their application through this App Store. The amount of searches that are done monthly on Miket is 80 million.

All kinds of ads in Appostor Miket

In general, there are two types of ads in search and ads in high-traffic spaces in Appostor Miket that advertisers can expose the application, program and game to users:

Search ads: In search ads, an advertiser can display their app at the top of users’ search results by selecting keywords and audience group attributes.

Advertising in high-traffic areas: In AppStore Miket, there are high-traffic spaces on different pages such as the first page, category and description page of each application, which shows the users of the applications individually and in a list. By creating this type of campaign, your application will be displayed in millions of different lists during the day.

General statistics of advertisements in Appostor Miket

The advertising approach in Appostor Miket shows a growing trend. If we take a look at Miket’s advertising statistics, we will find that Search Ads, as one of the most popular advertising methods in Appostor, has gained an acceptable position; So far, it has had more than 24 billion views and more than 2 million installations. The success rate of Search Ads ads in AppStore Miket is 0.60% and more than 400 active campaigns have been launched in the Search Ads section of Miket.

Also, the ads in Miket’s most visited advertising spaces, with nearly 2 million installations and 171 active campaigns, show that in addition to Search Ads, other types of ads in this appstore have also been welcomed by advertisers and users.

Report of Appostor Miket in the first half of 1400

We can show the activities and achievements of Appostor Miket in three categories of active campaigns, number of installations and number of shows. The number of active campaigns of this Appostor in the first half of 1400 in the Search Ads and high-traffic areas section was 99 and 76 campaigns, respectively. Miket shows acceptable statistics in the same period with more than 16,000 installations in the Search Ads section and more than 18,000 installations in the high-traffic areas section. The number of screenings in the Search Ads section was more than 1.8 million and in the most visited spaces section was more than 4.8 million.

In addition to this information, the Appstore Miket advertising report also reflects interesting statistics on the maximum number of views and installations per day. For example, according to this report, the highest number of screenings was in the Search Ads section for a game in the hobby category and in the most visited spaces for a game in the photo and video category. The statistics for the highest number of daily installations also show that the highest number of daily installations in the Search Ads section was for an online taxi application with more than 3 million installations.

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22 categories in Miket Search Ads ads

In the categories section, 22 categories have been reviewed in Search Ads Miket ads, among which the most impressions are for social suspicion categories with more than 500,000 impressions and a success rate of 57.1%, a shopping category with more than 400,000 impressions and a success rate of 0. 81% and the finance department with more than 300,000 shows and a success rate of 0.75%.

Magnet Advertising Agency

18 categories in the section of high-traffic spaces

Appostor Miket performance report shows that out of 18 categories of ads in the most visited spaces section, the highest number of views and the average installation are for the shopping category with more than 500,000 views, the finance category with 600,000 views and the application tools category with more than 300,000. It has been a show.

Top Keywords in Appstore Miket

Top Keywords Due to the maximum display volume, it includes 20 words that are presented in Miket’s comprehensive report with the highest display volume and average installation price. The word “program” with 12 million views, the word “filter breaker” with 3 million views and the word “movie” with more than 2 million views are at the top of the most searched keywords in Appistor Miket.

Magnet Advertising Agency

What are the top brands in the Appstore Miket report?

Comprehensive report of Appostor Miket, by examining the activities of various brands and the level of users’ attention to them, has presented the top 10 brands in terms of maximum display and average price. In this list, the word “WhatsApp” with more than 6 million views, the word “Telegram” with more than 2 million views and the word “Instagram” with more than 2 million views are at the top.

Exclusive Magnet Advertising in Appostor Miket

Magnet Digital Advertising Agency (magnetdigitalagency.comIn order to monopolize advertising in Appistor Miket and realize this process in the best way, has designed a panel where advertisers can start their advertising campaigns by registering in this panel and view its performance report whenever they want.

In general, there are four important features of the Magnet Ad Panel in AppStoreMicette: Counting the installation completed, Reporting the installation of the tracker in the panel, Keyword management, and Crawler feature.

Realized installation count: Advertisers can use this feature to find out the actual amount of installation of their application and the cost they pay, according to the amount of installation.

Tracker installation report in the panel: Advertisers can use the tracker installation report to analyze their campaign and evaluate the performance of each keyword.

Keyword management: The Magnet panel seeks to speed up the keyword selection and conversion process by providing a practical feature called “Keyword Management”.

Probe feature: The crawler feature provided in the magnet panel has a function similar to google keyword planner; In this way, it provides users with an overview of the status of the Appstore Miket search.

Magnet Digital Advertising Agency has made the advertising process more optimistic and efficient for advertisers in AppState Miket through its exclusive partnership with App Store Miket and by providing these features in its panel.

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