Acer unveiled its 45-inch OLED monitor with “crazy brightness”.

According to Acer, although the two new products are very different in size, the Predator X27U and Predator X45 both support a 240Hz refresh rate and a 0.01ms response time. The Predator X27U and Predator X45 also support AMD FreeSync Premium to prevent screen tearing and a KVM switch so you can switch your keyboard and mouse between multiple inputs.

Acer says the Predator X45 comes with DisplayPort 1.4 connectivity and two HDMI 2.0 ports. HDMI 2.0 can provide enough bandwidth for the refresh rate and resolution of both displays. At CES this year, we’re likely to see several similar monitors. Dough, formerly known as Eve, announced its 27-inch OLED monitor in December, and LG has 27-inch and 45-inch monitors coming soon.

However, we still don’t have an exact release date for Acer monitors. Both will be available in the first half of 2023, possibly between April and June, the company says. The Predator X45 will be available for $1700 and the Predator X27U will be available for $1100.

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