Acer Swift X laptop will be the first PC to be equipped with Intel Arc gaming graphics card

The VideoCardz website has received an image of Acer’s new laptop, the Swift X 2022, which is set to be unveiled at CES. According to the website, the Swift X will be the first laptop to ship with Intel’s first completely separate gaming graphics card, the Arc.

Intel Arc graphics card with variable rate shading capabilities, beam tracking, mesh shader and overclocking, designed in the desktop and gaming class, and can be a direct competitor to NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR considered.

Acer Swift X 2022 Laptop

Picture of Acer Swift X 2022 laptop equipped with Intel Arc graphics card

It is interesting to know that Acer was also the first manufacturer to equip the Swift 3x laptop with a separate Intel Iris Xe MAX graphics card. However, unlike the Arc, the Xe MAX graphics card was based on the Xe LP architecture and was not designed for gaming and heavy processing.

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Since current Swift X models use low-end mobile GPUs such as the RTX 3050 Ti 40W, it is possible that the new Intel GPU series will also include low-power and portable GPUs such as the 96EU or 128EU.

The Swift X laptop with the Arc graphics card will likely come with an Intel P-Series Alderlick mobile processor or the Rizon 6000 accelerated chip series called the Rembrandt. However, if Acer wants to delay the release of its laptops in the new year, it may turn to previous-generation processors.

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